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A personal assistant can help with those time-consuming tasks and obligations that eat into your day and prevent you from doing the things you really want to do. They’re an additional set of hands to help eliminate unnecessary stress in your life. But you’ve probably already heard how much a PA can benefit you. Now you’re here to find out exactly what a PA does with their day. 

A PA is in a diverse position that can encompass various duties and responsibilities. In this post, we’ll help you better understand the role by walking you through a day in the life of a personal assistant.

Understanding the Life of a Personal Assistant

A quick disclaimer before we jump into the rest of this post. No two PAs’ lives and schedules look exactly the same. A PA is a diverse role that adapts to their boss’s requirements. Equally, no one day in the life of a personal assistant is identical to the next. PAs regularly jump around tasks and projects as needed. Most days are extremely varied.

Below are additional factors to understand about the daily life of a personal assistant.

Working Hours of a PA

PAs are extremely flexible with their working hours. A PA’s average work day varies greatly depending on the sector, company, or individual they work for. Some PAs work at least 40-hour weeks to keep up with their boss’s busy schedule, while others work part-time or only as needed.

A PA’s hours can also change daily depending on their boss’s needs. On quiet days, they might finish at 4 p.m. But on other days, a PA may need to attend an evening event or stick around late to help with an emergency. While having boundaries is essential, PAs are often on call at all hours and work weekends and holidays if needed.

Types of PAs and Their Roles

Personal assistants also have different skills. The type of assistant you choose to hire will influence their exact role and what their daily schedule looks like.

4 main types of personal assistants:

  1. Staff PA. Assumes simple tasks as long as you provide detailed instructions. Usually works on a part-time or per-task basis.
  2. Professional PA. Mainly involved in your work life rather than your personal life. Helps to increase your productivity and meet your professional goals. May also occasionally help with family and home-related tasks.
  3. Friend PA. Focuses on the social, emotional, and practical aspects of your life. Helps with everyday tasks and provides companionship.
  4. Family PA. Assists mostly in your family and home life. Has the closest familial bond of all types of PA.

An overworked small business owner may benefit most from a professional personal assistant or an executive assistant. In contrast, a stressed-out single parent would benefit more from a family personal assistant to help around the house and with basic child care. Hiring the right type of PA is essential for reaping the benefits an assistant can bring to your life.

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A Day in the Life of a Personal Assistant

Below we’ll run you through a day in the life of a personal assistant. The PA we’re describing here is a professional, office-based personal assistant. This type of PA may help with some personal and home-life tasks, but their primary duty is assisting in the office and with business needs.


  • Arrive at work
  • Check emails and review the previous day’s to-do list
  • Complete quick tasks and resolve any urgent issues
  • Prepare for the boss’s arrival
  • Make coffee and catch up with colleagues
  • Check in with boss — rundown of daily schedule, meetings, and priorities
  • Prioritize the to-do list for the rest of the day
  • Start working through the most important tasks and projects
  • Make and accept phone calls and filter boss’s emails
  • Grab/order lunch for boss
  • Lunch


  • Work through remaining tasks
  • Follow-up meetings and emails
  • Go through any paperwork and organize the office filing system
  • Confirm boss’s schedule for the following day
  • Create a to-do list for the following day/week
  • Leave the office


  • Answer any emergency emails or phone calls
  • Take minutes at after-hours meetings
  • Attend events with or on behalf of the boss

It’s crucial to note that not all personal assistants work evenings. If you need a PA to work evenings, discuss it with potential PAs during the hiring process. Most PAs are pretty flexible with their schedule and will happily be on call when needed. It’s vital to set healthy boundaries and not force your PA to work every evening and weekend. But it’s good to know you can rely on them to help with emergencies or attend important events.

How a Personal Assistant Can Help You Every Day

PAs can help in many different areas of your life, from business administration to tidying your home and picking your children up from school. The tasks your PA can help with depend on the type of PA you hire. Some PAs focus on business-related tasks, some are more home-life based, and others help in both areas. 

But while different assistants help with varying tasks, the primary duty of any PA is to free up your time, reduce your stress, and help you form healthier habits.

Below are some of the many tasks a personal assistant can help with to make your life easier.

Business and office tasks:

  • Email management
  • Answering and making phone calls
  • Organizing you rwork schedule and calendar 
  • Meeting coordination
  • Document handling and filing system management
  • Business travel arrangements

Family and home tasks:

  • Running household errands
  • Shopping and meal planning
  • Home and family care
  • Transportation
  • Family appointment scheduling
  • Simple financial management
  • Personal travel arrangements 
  • Event organization

LifeSquire Can Connect You With the Right Personal Assistant

Hiring a personal assistant is an investment in yourself and can make a huge difference in your life. A PA can handle the professional or personal tasks you don’t have time for and significantly reduce your daily stress.

At LifeSquire, our personal assistant placement service can help connect you with a highly-trained PA to relieve the burden of daily obligations. Contact us today to find out more.

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