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Being an executive assistant requires diverse skills, including a willingness to be flexible to changes. To be an EA, you need to be a scheduling wizard, multitasking pro, and an organizational guru. 

A successful executive assistant knows the best tools, software, and resources to save time, increase efficiency, and streamline their workflow. The right tools can be the difference between a stressed and overwhelmed EA and a calm and productive one.

If you’re a new EA and compiling your list of useful resources, here are the best executive assistant tools to make your job easier.

Executive Assistant Tools for Organization and Productivity


Monday.com is one of the most popular project management tools for executive assistants. The visual platform allows you to plan, schedule, and monitor all of your tasks and projects down to the last detail. You also can collaborate on projects with an executive or other team members. Monday is an excellent tool for tracking deadlines and keeping everyone in the office on task. 

Similar project management tools are:


Nifty brings together project management and team communication into one easy-to-use platform. It allows you to plan, execute, automate, and track work all in one place. The platform includes one-click Zoom meetings and centralized notes, documents, and files for collaborative projects.


Working as an executive assistant, it may feel like you always have 101 things to do. Todoist helps you to stay organized by keeping all of your to-do lists in one centralized place. You can also use these lists to organize projects, outline meeting agendas, track goals, and even plan itineraries and packing lists for an executive’s business trip. You can add recurring deadlines, set priority levels, share and delegate tasks to others, and integrate with loads of other tools and apps.

Call Please

One of the most time-consuming duties of an executive assistant is answering and returning calls. Call Please helps you to streamline this task by keeping an organized cloud-based call log. The handy tool records call history, status, contacts and messages, and lets you set reminders for callbacks. It syncs in real-time, so it is an easy collaborative tool for executives and executive assistants. 


Fed up with taking meeting minutes? Then this is the tool for you. Otter automatically transcribes audio from meetings into text. It’s even compatible with virtual meeting platforms such as Google Meet and Zoom. The text is fully searchable so that you can narrow down the key takeaways of the meeting. Then you can use the time you would spend taking minutes to focus on other more important tasks.


As an executive assistant, you’ll need to remember all of your passwords. But you’ll also keep track of passwords for executives and other employees too. LastPass is a secure password management tool that stores encrypted passwords online and auto-fills them into sites you use regularly. The tool includes plugins for web browsers and smartphone apps so that you can log in to your accounts on any device.


When you spend so much of your job writing and proofreading emails, documents, and reports, errors are bound to happen. But writing errors can make you or your boss appear unprofessional. Grammarly is a helpful plugin that checks your writing for common spelling and grammar mistakes. It also reviews and offers suggestions for things such as clarity, engagement, and delivery. It helps you to improve your writing and sound as clear, concise, and professional as possible.

Executive Assistant Tools for Scheduling


Calendly is one of the best meeting scheduling tools for executive assistants. It eliminates the back-and-forth that usually goes into planning meetings for a busy executive. The tool sources everyone’s availability and sets meetings without calendar conflicts. It also can send out automatic meeting reminders and follow-ups. Other features include the ability to set daily meeting caps and notices to avoid last-minute meetings.

Google Calendar

Google Calendar is one of the most commonly-used time management and scheduling systems. The simple calendar lets you manually add events and send meeting invites in just a couple of clicks. You can even sync with other tools such as Gmail to add new events automatically. You can share Google Calendars among team members, making it easy for you to access and manage an executive’s schedule.

Time Zone Ninja

Time Zone Ninja is a quick and free tool that helps you schedule meetings with clients or suppliers worldwide. Just enter your location, a convenient time, and the location of all of your attendees. Time Zone Ninja will give you the ideal meeting time for everyone.

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Executive Assistant Tools for Travel Coordination 


Organizing business travel for an executive is harder work than most people would imagine. You have to arrange flights, transfers, car rental, hotels, restaurants, meetings, and more. TripIt is a great tool for keeping all of these details organized in one place. All you have to do is forward each confirmation to TripIt. It adds the details to a single itinerary, which you can send to your boss before the trip.


You’ve spent weeks organizing every detail of a business trip for your boss. You planned everything from airport transfers to dinner reservations. What could go wrong? How about they arrive and realize they’ve forgotten their laptop charger? Or it’s pouring rain, and they didn’t bring a coat or umbrella? PackPoint is a smart packing-list app to help you ensure your executive has everything they need. Just add travel details into the app, and PackPoint creates a fool-proof packing list based on location, weather, length of stay, and activities.

Airbnb for Work

You’ve probably heard of Airbnb. But did you know that there’s a business version of the site too? Airbnb for Work helps you find business trip-friendly houses and hotels with features like meeting spaces and great Wi-Fi. Plus, you can book local experiences and team-building activities too.


Lola is a travel coordination and expense tool. It helps you keep track of travel plans and spending for the whole office in one easy-to-use app. You can book hotels, flights, and cars through the app. You also can monitor budgets and set spending caps for team members to book travel for themselves.

Executive Assistant Tools for Expenses


Let’s be honest, sorting out expenses is not the most glamorous part of being an executive assistant. Especially when your boss returns from a conference or business trip with a huge pile of receipts. Expensify is an expense management system that streamlines this all for you. You can import receipts online or photograph them while on-the-go. Then the system generates a report on your behalf and can even administer reimbursements. 


JotForm is an easy-to-use online form builder. You can find customizable templates, including an office supply ordering form, which simplifies the task of purchasing office supplies. Just send the form around the office to collect names, departments, required items, and quantities. This process streamlines ordering and helps you manage the budget and keep track of all orders.

Executive Assistant Tools for Office Communication and Meetings


Slack is a popular online communication platform for instant messaging within a team or workplace. Using Slack instead of email allows for a more efficient and natural communication channel, especially for remote teams. Slack lets you have multiple channels and threads, as well as direct messaging, so all communication happens in one easy-to-access location.

Google Meet

Google Meet is Google’s video-communication tool for secure business meetings. To streamline the virtual meeting process, you can sync the free software with other Google programs, such as Gmail and Google Calendar. As well as high-quality video meetings, you can use Google Meet to share screens for videos and presentations with teammates and clients, regardless of their location.


Similar to Google Meet, Zoom is another video communication tool for virtual meetings. Zoom has become one of the most popular video calling tools during the last couple of years. It has excellent features, such as the ability to share your screen and create break-out rooms. But it is not free for bulk usage.

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Today’s online tools make the job of an executive assistant so much easier. But first, you have to identify which tools will work best for your organization. We hope this list helps.


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