How a Personal Assistant Can Create More Time and Reduce Stress for Single Parents

by | Aug 20, 2020 | Blog

Being a parent is already stressful enough, but when you are a single parent, you are often doing the work of two. Every day you’ll probably catch yourself saying there isn’t enough time to get everything done, and you’ll wish there were ways for you to have more time with your family and for yourself. Trying to do it all often leads to added pressure, stress, and even fatigue. Then, a little burnout will set in, and you may find yourself procrastinating on your to-do list so that you can have a much-needed break. Unfortunately, procrastination amplifies the situation and only makes your list even longer, causing the stress to continue to build.

We’re here to tell you that there is a way to be the amazing parent that feels refreshed and has the time for field trips, after school activities, playdates, and more. So how do you have it all and still have time to do it all? The answer is not doing it all. Outsourcing mundane tasks to a personal assistant will allow you to still have all of your errands taken care of, but also have the time you need for your family and relaxing.

Over the years, we have found that people have an easy time delegating tasks to an assistant at work, but they haven’t ever thought to do outsourcing in their personal lives. So that’s why in this post, we are sharing ways a personal assistant can give single parents their time back.

Household Management

Even with a family calendar, managing your home, office, children, work events, and extracurricular activities can seem more like a juggling act than actual management. When you’re short on time, your brain is often thinking of the next task and not the full picture of the day. This could lead to forgotten plans or wasting precious time. When a personal assistant manages your household, they will not only manage your day-to-day activities; they will also make sure your bills get paid, you don’t forget a wedding gift, you won’t miss the school play, that doctors appointment gets scheduled, and so much more. They also will make sure that groceries, cosmetics, and other household items never run out. You won’t even have to ask for a refill. Imagine the peace-of-mind that comes with that type of support.

The Overwhelming Tasks

Have you ever had something to do that you just keep putting off working on? Maybe you just don’t really want to do it, maybe it is so time-consuming that you don’t know where to start, or maybe you just feel completely overwhelmed by it. It doesn’t matter why you haven’t done it, but how you get it done. Maybe it’s a task you don’t need to do at all. Those tasks that you find overwhelming or challenging to complete can be outsourced to a skilled personal assistant.

Home-Cooked Meals

When you’re already busy, the idea of coming home to cook dinner never sounds appealing. No matter how much we want a home-cooked meal, saving time will almost always win. So the cooking gets skipped and take out wins. This also leads to increased food waste because the groceries you bought for the skipped meals may not survive until you cook again.

Did you know that your personal assistant can help you skip the delivery and have those home-cooked meals you crave? Your assistant can save you time and money by helping you plan your meals and then cooking them for you. You will never have to worry about what is for dinner with the help of a personal assistant.

Meal Preparation

From packing lunches, preparing snacks, and preparing for every meal, it seems like a lot of time is spent in the kitchen. Make the time spent in the kitchen after work easier when you have the meal preparation done for you. Your personal assistant can cut and store all vegetables and fruits, they can pack lunches for you and your children, and prepare snacks for the whole family. When you don’t have to do all of this work, you’ll find yourself doing more of the things you enjoy. You’ll feel the full benefit of outsourcing.

Catch a Ride

With school starting, sometimes you will need to be in two places at once. Unfortunately, until we develop a teleporter, that isn’t exactly easy to do. That’s where your personal assistant can help. Instead of clicking on a transportation app, your assistant can take and pick up your children from school, take you to the airport, and drive you to any other appointments you need. If you feel comfortable, they can even drive your car for you. They will fill it up with gas too!

Help You Stay Organized

Studies show that an organized and tidy house will help reduce your stress levels and increase relaxation. And while we could all benefit from it, not everyone has the time or knowledge required to organize their own homes. Personal assistants are trained professional organizers, so don’t let their talents go to waste. If you struggle with organization, have your assistant create a system for each area of your home.

We understand that letting someone else organize your home may feel overwhelming or make you question whether or not you will like the system they create. The good news is, nothing is permanent. When your assistant organizes a space for you, try it out, and if you don’t like it, let them know. They will rework it until it is a system you can use and maintain.

Run Errands

When you’re working a full-time job and also trying to balance a life at home with kids, taking care of shopping trips, picking up a prescription, or dropping something off at your sister’s house can be challenging to fit into your day. But when you have a personal assistant, those time-consuming tasks are no longer a problem. Your assistant can handle all of your errands so that you will have more nights at home with your family.

Pet Care

Your pets are family too, and that means meals, walks, vet appointments, grooming, and more. Unfortunately, these tasks can eat up your already limited time on the weekends, but you aren’t without help. When you have a personal assistant, your pet gets care too. Your assistant can handle all of the supply shopping, afternoon potty breaks and walks, vet and grooming appointments, and more.


There isn’t much worse than coming home to piles of laundry or hearing your child say at 8 pm that they need a purple shirt for purple shirt day tomorrow. The last thing you want to do is stay up late washing laundry before a big workday. Skip doing all of the washing and folding when you ask your personal assistant to handle the laundry for you. They will also drop-off and pick-up your dry cleaning. You can safely tuck away your laundry day clothes when you don’t have a laundry day at all.

Event Planning

Even if you aren’t the type that enjoys hosting dinner parties or gatherings, your assistant can still help you plan all of the events in your life. Does your child want a Sponge Bob themed birthday party, but you don’t even know who that is? Assign the job and a budget to your personal assistant and wait for them to put the happy in happy birthday.

Your assistant can also plan business meetings, business celebrations, dates, birthday parties, girls or guys night, travel arrangements, and so much more. If it needs planning, don’t be afraid to hand it over.

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