How to Create a Daily Self-Care Routine That You’ll Stick To

by | Feb 4, 2021 | Blog

February is the month of love, and while we are busy showing our love to everyone else, we often forget about ourselves.

How many nights have you been looking through Pinterest and pinned a self-care article that you plan to read later when you have more time? We all love the idea of self-care and would love to create a routine that would work for our busy schedule, so we save pin after pin. Unfortunately, a lot of times, pinning is as far as our idea goes. But, why?

Self-care has become more popular these days, trendy even, but even though we all may talking about it, there still seems to be a lot of confusion surrounding it. If you ask your best friend what their self-care routine is, you may hear something as simple as reading a book while drinking their morning coffee, or you could hear that they don’t have the time for a spa day.

There is where the confusion lies. Self-care is such a broad topic that it’s hard to pinpoint the perfect formula to create a happier and motivated you. Some people believe that feeling only comes from a full day of relaxation, and others feel like you should practice self-care daily with simple, intentional actions. In a way, neither of these ideologies are untrue because they are both actions that will benefit your well-being.

While having a spa day is definitely a form of self-care, waiting for a day off to make an appointment shouldn’t be the only form of self-care you do. There are tons of self-care activities you can do every day that do not require a lot of time or energy — they may not leave your body feeling as physically comfortable as a deep-tissue massage, but you will get that mental clarity and peacefulness on a regular basis. That’s why in this post, we are sharing with you how to create a self-care routine that you will stick to every-day.

Start With the Basics

Starting with self-care doesn’t require a big to-do. The best way to get your new routine started is to focus on the basics. It’s time to ask yourself if you are getting enough sleep, moving enough, and eating nutritiously. If you are incredibly busy and feeling stressed, you will likely answer no to most, if not all, of those questions. Start today by changing that. Drink an extra glass of water, put extra vegetables on your dinner plate, and determine a bed-time and stick with it. These simple things may not seem like they will make a big impact on your life, but we all need our beauty sleep and that apple-a-day to feel our best.

Brainstorm Activities You Love Doing

As we said above, the idea is to create a daily self-care routine. So, if you are going to be doing something every day, you should be doing something you love. Your bestie may be raving about her new hot yoga class, but if you aren’t a fan of the heat, you will be miserable and will find yourself making excuses to get out of it. Instead of doing something trendy, the key is to focus on you. Grab a notebook and write down some ideas of things you really wish you would do more of. If you are struggling to get into that mindset, here are some ideas to get your brain going:

  • Go for a nature walk
  • Write in a gratitude journal
  • Read a book with a delicious beverage
  • Take a long bubble bath
  • Download a meditation app and use it

Don’t Overdo It

Your self-care activity list may be long, and you are probably really excited to get started, but don’t try to do it all at once. If you try to take on too many things at once, it will become overwhelming. This is why people often quickly give up on their New Year resolutions so quickly. The way to start your routine and stick to it is to start small. Start with the basics (from above) and add one or two activities to your routine. Once these tasks feel like they are apart of your routine and are more of a habit, then you might want to add something new. Remember, you are doing something daily, not on a whim.

Schedule Self-Care With Reminders

When you’re starting something new, it’s easy to forget about it when your day gets packed. Prevent the memory-loss by including your new self-care routine into your schedule. Grab your phone and schedule it just like you would any other appointment. Don’t stop there though, click that reminder button. After a while, you’ll be expecting that notification instead of being surprised by it.

Practice Saying No

Eventually, something will come up that may cause you to miss out on your self-care activity. That’s ok, things happen, and you can get back to it later in the day or even the next day. It will only become a problem if it becomes a regular thing. Most of us tend to put the needs of others before ourselves, and we can easily get stressed out or overwhelmed once we find out how many things we have said yes to. Now is the time to practice saying no and put yourself first. No, that doesn’t make you selfish. If you struggle with using that two-letter word, start by saying you will get back them and really think about your energy and ability before you commit.

Ask for Help

Sometimes just saying “no” isn’t an option. Your child still needs a ride home from school, or work throws a last-minute project your way, both of them causing the rest of your day to be thrown off. Now you have to head to the grocery store, cook dinner, and prepare for the next school day, so how will you fit in that 15-minute meditation? The answer is simple, ask for help. We can’t do it all, and we aren’t meant to. This is often forgotten when we are trying to be a Super Mom or Super Dad. Asking for help doesn’t have to be scary either. When you have LifeSquire personal assistant service, you can ask for help and get your tasks done, all without feeling guilty about asking your family to do more. To learn more about LifeSquire personal assistant service, click here.

Keep It Fresh

Even though we had you brainstorm some ideas and told you to incorporate them into your daily routine, that doesn’t mean you always have to do the same things. Maybe you just finished that book that has filled your routine, but you’re not ready to move on to the next; it’s ok to take a break and try something else. Trying new activities will keep your routine feeling new and not-so-much a daily to-do. So don’t just discard that big list of fun you created; hang on to it for future use.

Recognize Your Success

Focusing on and working on yourself is no easy task, so you make sure you recognize your accomplishment. When you go from little to no self-care practices to practicing regularly, you have grown. Take time to recognize that and even treat yourself in celebration. You’ll feel motivated to keep working on your well-being.

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