Is Hiring an Executive Assistant Recruiting Service Right for You?

by | Sep 10, 2020 | Blog

When an employee gives you a 2-week notice, it can be a surprise and add more stress to the company for a few weeks. But when your assistant puts in their notice, it can feel a lot more detrimental to your day-to-day. Not only are you trying to run and grow a company, you also have to do the tasks your assistant typically handles for you, and somehow create more time to actually recruit a new assistant. Now you’re scrambling, not thinking clearly, and trying to do your job and more. It’s the worst possible time for you to be searching for a new assistant.

How Can A Support Role Recruiter Help Me?

The idea of hiring a staffing service may have you feeling a little uneasy. Maybe you have this idea that a headhunter’s job is just to fill a position, so you might not get the employee you need, just a body to fill the seat. And while some staffing agencies may be that way, not all recruiting services are created equal. So don’t let this idea keep you from trying. In fact, hiring a staffing service for your company is extremely beneficial; here’s how:

Focus on Your Role and Save Time

When you’re short-handed, the last thing you have time for is to hunt and interview for an open position. A staffing agency takes that work away from you and will find you a few ideal candidates in the shortest amount of time possible. They have the experience and expertise to quickly find and identify which people are the ideal candidates for you. All you will have to do is decide which one is the best fit for your position.

Decrease Turnover, Save Money

When you first think about hiring a recruiter, you are probably concerned about the price. But did you know that hiring a recruiter can actually save you money? That sounds crazy, right? Using a recruiter to hire your next assistant can save you money by finding the right candidate the first time. When you don’t know what you need or exactly what you are looking for, turnover can eat away at your budget.

Niche-Specific Searches

While there are recruiting agencies that hire for several different types of careers, there are some that specialize in a specific industry. This means that they know the job inside and out and know how to search for the ideal candidate for those roles. These types of agencies typically spend time learning what type of employee you need for that role and then recruit specifically for you, not just for a set of skills and experience.

A Bigger Network

There is a saying that using your network is the fastest way to get a new job. The same can be said about hiring. Recruiters have a network full of the best talent available, and they tap into that network for you. They will also utilize multiple job boards and advertising opportunities you may not have thought of using to locate the ideal candidate for you.

A Wealth of Candidate Knowledge

If you are looking for an executive assistant with a specific set of skills or maybe an assistant that can do both office and personal assistant work, utilizing the experience and knowledge of a recruiting service can help you feel more comfortable about hiring a new employee. This is especially true for specialized recruiters. You may not know exactly what skills or personality types you should look for in that specific role, and with a recruiter, you don’t have to.

Handles the Little Things

Hiring a new employee isn’t just searching and interviewing. There are a lot of little things that you may need your recruiter to do. Some of the additional services recruiting agencies often include are position advertising, background checks, reference follow-up, additional testing, and more. Doing these tasks can be really time-consuming for you. When you hire a recruiter, you only participate in the final interviews and make the decision on who to hire.

Signs You Should Use a Recruiting Service

Now that you know more about how a recruiter can benefit your job search, you may be on the fence on whether or not you actually need one. You may have had luck hiring employees in the past, so you might be thinking, what’s one more? While that may be true, how much of your time does it cost you? We’ve created a list of common things we hear when we meet with managers and executives that are in need of recruiting services. If you can relate to any of these, we’d highly recommend you consider using a job placement service.

  • You are already working overtime, and candidate searching would increase your office time.
  • You have limited knowledge of the open position, but still want the best available talent.
  • You have tried to fill the position multiple times, but it just isn’t working out.
  • You’re looking for a specific set of skills and role experience.
  • You have open positions in another location, and you don’t have the time to be there for hiring.
  • Your company is expanding, and you need to hire for multiple positions.
  • You don’t know the first thing about hiring, and would rather have someone else do it for you.
  • You simply don’t have the time to thoroughly search for a new employee.

LifeSquire Connect Job Placement Service

LifeSquire Connect takes the guessing game out of hiring for support role positions. We match busy professionals and families with executive assistants, personal assistants, office managers, managers, coordinators, nannies, and more. LifeSquire Connect doesn’t just look for a specific set of skills; we take the time to find out what you need and make sure we customize our advertising, recruiting, and interviewing to find the employee you need for every role. For more information about our job placement services, click here.

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