Lifesquire Partners With Adventure Nannies for Nanny Job Placements

by | Jan 22, 2021 | Blog

Since LifeSquire was founded over ten years ago, there has been one big dream goal that we continue to work on. What’s that goal, you ask? Well, if you ask any member of our team, they will say, “The goal is to make LifeSquire synonymous with assistant.” And that’s true.

LifeSquire began as a personal assistant company in Oklahoma, but with that big dream goal in mind has grown into so much more. In order to truly become synonymous with assistant, we had to offer more services. One of those services is LifeSquire Connect, a support staff recruiting service. When we started this service, we recruited and trained assistants, nannies, and more for families and businesses in the Midwest. But to follow our 2021 goal of staying in our lane, we decided to narrow our focus on what roles we will recruit for.

That’s why LifeSquire is excited to announce that we will be partnering with Adventure Nannies for all nanny recruiting needs, and LifeSquire Connect will focus on administrative, professional, and personal assistant recruiting.

About Lifesquire Connect

There’s nothing worse than spending hours or days of your time looking for a new assistant, only to find out a few months later that you wasted your time. It takes a special kind of person to work in a support role, and it’s easy to hire the wrong person. That’s where LifeSquire Connect comes in. After years of hiring and working with assistants, we have determined the best personality types for support roles and would love to recruit them for you. If you’re not sure what a support role is, LifeSquire Connect recruits the following types of positions for businesses and busy people:


These support roles include executive assistants, office managers, and other types of assistants.


These positions often include managers, coordinators, and chief-of-staff.

Personal Assistants

This role can be recruited for busy families and individuals or for businesses.

If you have an option position at your company that you’re tired of recruiting the wrong person for, click here to learn more about LifeSquire Connect recruiting services.

About Adventure Nannies

Your family is constantly on the go, and Adventure Nannies knows it. Brandy Schultz, Adventure Nannies Founder, started the company after spending eight years as a travel nanny herself. She spent that time working on a farm in southern France, went cliff diving with children in Italy, and even attended Burning Man as a nanny. Through her experiences, she learned that there was a real need for different types of nanny care, and Adventure Nannies was born. Brandy’s drive and passion for helping families find the perfect nannies continued, but at the same time a song that her boyfriend had written nearly a decade earlier, “Ho Hey,” became an overnight radio sensation and his band, The Lumineers, embarked on an expansive set of tours, being on the road for nearly 300 nights a year.

In the midst of the band’s success, Shenandoah Davis was brought in as a consultant in 2015 and quickly came on board to run Adventure Nannies as the CEO while Brandy went on her own adventures with her family.

An ex-musician herself, Shenandoah had met both Wes and Brandy through musical circles. Shenandoah has dived into the agency headfirst, quickly becoming an industry leader speaking at nationwide industry conferences and joining the board of directors of The Association for Premier Agencies, the only group that sets ethical and best-practice standards in the largely unregulated field of domestic staffing agencies. Adventure Nannies was awarded the Excellence Award and Innovation Award from the Association of Premier Nanny Agencies last year and are currently sponsoring a series of diversity webinars through the International Nanny Association. At the onset of COVID-19, Shenandoah collaborated with four other agency owners and nannies to launch Nanny Relief Fund, a non-profit that provides need-based grants to nannies experiencing hardship.

Adventure Nannies is a nationwide recruitment agency specializing in family care. This progressive, dynamic, women-owned business offers the following recruiting services to support your family:

Permanent Nanny Placement

They will find a professional, highly-experienced, educational, and discreet nanny for your family.

Temporary and Travel Nannies

They have a roster full of travel-ready nannies and educators that will plan age-appropriate, engaging educational activities wherever you are or want to go.

Private Educators

They provide families with extraordinary educators that come from diverse education backgrounds (such as Montessori, Waldorf, or RIE practitioners, and experienced virtual school support) that are familiar with a variety of evidence-based, progressive educational styles.

Newborn Care Specialists

They recruit infant care experts who provide around-the-clock care for newborns during the first few months of their life.

If you are on the hunt for a professional nanny and would love to know more about Adventure Nannies, click here to visit their website.

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