What is a Placement Service?

Oct 5, 2021 | Blog, Executive Assistant

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You’re working so hard to find a job that the search seems to be your full-time role. It just feels like you can’t find the right thing, and you spend most of your time searching through job ads. A friend suggests you try a placement service, but what is a placement service?

Companies hire job placement services to help with their staffing needs. People also call these services employment agencies, recruiters, or headhunters. 

Placement services are beneficial for job seekers. These agencies take the hard work out of the job search by using their knowledge to connect candidates and employers. This role means they are always on the lookout for qualified employees to fill upcoming positions.

A placement service could be the right choice for you if you are: 

  • Fresh out of college
  • Looking for a new job
  • Looking for experience
  • Have a good resume
  • Have qualifications

Placement services are good for anyone who is struggling to find work and can’t filter through hundreds of job postings every day.

What is a Placement Service?

A placement service is a business that matches employees to employers. Human Resources departments often outsource their searches for new employees to placement services due to their specialized advantages.

Most placement services specialize in filling jobs within a specific industry, such as medicine, law, arts, etc. Working knowledge of industry norms, skill requirements, and salary expectations, as well as their extensive network of contacts, help these placement services find the ideal candidate for each position.

The Difference Between a Staffing Service and a Placement Service

People often use the terms “staffing service” and “placement service” interchangeably. But, while they both deal with recruitment and hiring, there is one significant difference. 

A staffing service provides temporary employees to businesses who need additional help for short periods. In contrast, a placement service connects candidates to permanent jobs within specific industries.

Types of Placement Services

We wouldn’t be able to answer the question “what is a placement service” without breaking it down into the types of services available. The right placement service for you depends on where you are in your career and the kind of position you’re seeking.

Education Placement Programs

Most colleges and universities have placement services to help students. 

Education programs help you to develop job-seeking skills, such as resume writing and interview techniques. These services also assist students in securing work-study jobs, internships, and jobs after graduation. They may also help students make graduate study plans.

Employment Placement Agencies

The most common placement services are employment agencies that work with employers to place potential employees in permanent positions. 

When you sign up with an agency, they give you a dedicated placement representative. Your representative then matches you with suitable employers and arranges interviews for you.

Recruiters and Headhunters

“Recruiters” or “headhunters” describe individuals or agencies responsible for finding employees for high-level positions. These roles require specialized skill sets and a great deal of experience, such as executive-level positions. 

The selection process can be complex for these high-ranking positions. It can take a long time to find the right candidate. The complexity is why even companies often use headhunters. 

As a candidate, a headhunter will usually approach you about a position based on their research or recommendations. But, it is also possible to reach out to a recruiter for representation.


Benefits of a Placement Service

Now that you know what a placement service is, what are the benefits of using one?

Benefits of using a placement service include:

  1. No Cost to You. The companies searching for employees pay the placement services, not the candidates. Meaning you don’t have to pay to connect with potential employers. 
  2. No Search. Looking for a new job can be a long and stressful process. Placement services take the hassle out of job searching by matching you with relevant positions and employers. You no longer have to waste your time filtering through hundreds of irrelevant jobs before finding something that suits you.
  3. Access to Training. Placement services care just as much about finding you the perfect position as you do. So much so that many offer specialized training to help boost your resume and skill set.
  4. They Offer Feedback. If you’re struggling to nail down a new position, there might be some things you could improve on. Placement services offer feedback on your resume and your interview technique. These tips will help improve your chances of landing your dream job.

Using a Placement Service

Placement services are straightforward to use. After all, their job is to take the stress out of connecting employers and candidates, not contributing to it.

6 steps for using a placement service:

  1. Find the Right Service. First, you need to search for placement services in the specific industry you’re looking for a position in. For example, here at LifeSquire we specialize in placing personal and executive-level assistants.
  2. Register. Register your interest with each service. You can sign up with multiple agencies to increase your chances.
  3. Apply. An application will tell the service a bit about you, your current situation, and the ideal position you’re looking for.
  4. Provide Your Resume. Make sure your resume is up-to-date and tailored toward the position and industry you want to work in.
  5. Take Qualifying Tests. Some placement services for specific industries may ask you to take qualifying tests to ensure that you’re qualified for the job.
  6. Interview. A placement agency might also conduct a preliminary interview before putting you forward for an interview with an employer.


In the hustle and bustle of job hunting, a placement service can be a trusted ally. These agencies, also known as recruiters or headhunters, specialize in matching candidates with permanent positions tailored to specific industries. They offer a host of benefits, including cost-free services, personalized assistance, and access to valuable training resources.

Navigating a placement service is a straightforward process: simply find the right fit, register, apply, provide your resume, potentially undergo qualifying tests, and engage in interviews. So, if the job search journey feels daunting, consider the invaluable support of a placement service—they could be the guiding light leading you to your dream job.


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