Dedicated Assistant Services For Your Employees


Household Management • Dry Cleaning/Laundry • Car Maintenance • Grocery Shopping • Meal Prep • Personal Shopping • Child Care • Thank You Notes • Event Planning • Animal Care • Bill Pay


Organizational Services • Calendar Management • Temporary Office Help • Stock and Upkeep of Break Room and Common Areas • Meeting and Office Party Prep • Corporate Errand Running • Mass Mailing


Wedding Support • Maternity or Paternity Leave Support • Bereavement Support • Relocation Support, whether leaving Oklahoma City or arriving • Etc.

Corporate Stats

Many employers imagine work/life balance for their employees to include things like time with their kids or spouse, exercising, reading, and traveling. But in reality, women spent about 2.6 hours per day and men spent about 2.1 hours per day on household activities in 2015. – Bureau of Labor Statistics 

Is Lack of Work/Life Balance Holding Your Company Back?

90% of employees have left work completely due to family responsibilities –

30% of employees have cut back by their workload by 6 or more hours per week –

• Work/life balance (80%) and salary (75%) are the second and third top considerations for working parents when looking for a job – FlexJobs

• The cost of replacing high-level or highly specialized employees: 400% of their annual salary – ERE Media

Corporate Concierge Services LifeSquire Oklahoma City Edmond Oklahoma Assistant Services

• 94% of Millennials, 92% of Gen X say nontraditional benefits make employers more attractive – ICIMS
• 79% of employees would prefer new or additional benefits to a pay increase – Glassdoor
• Companies with engaged employees see 233% greater customer loyalty and a 26% greater annual increase in revenue – Aberdeen

Employee Performance When Well-Being is Prioritized

According to a study published by the American Psychological Association, employees shared the following:

  • 91% feel motivated to do their best
  • 91% are satisfied with their job
  • 91% have a positive relationship with supervisors
  • 93% have a positive relationship with co-workers

Your Employees Are Worth It

Throughout busy seasons, holidays, and life-changing events, LifeSquire’s Corporate Concierge Service provides dedicated support for your employees both in and out of the office. It’s a simple yet effective way to increase focus, productivity, job satisfaction, and ultimately, retention. 

running out of time icon

Increase Productivity and Focus

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Relieve the Stress of Extra Tasks

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Boost Employee Retention

Failing to achieve company goals?

Achieve Company Goals

Struggling to maintain a good work/life balance

Improve Work/Life Balance

LifeSquire Connect
LifeSquire Connect

With LifeSquire Corporate Concierge, your employees are treated as our individual clients, which means:

  • We meet with each employee independently for individual consultations prior to assigning them a dedicated team
  • Each employee will have the same team of assistants every time; they will always be able to communicate with directly
  • LifeSquire respects their confidentiality and we absolutely do not discuss what we do for them with anyone, including you!

List of Services


    Inside the Office

    • Organizational services
    • Calendar management
    • Temporary office help
    • Stock and upkeep of break room and common areas
    • Meeting and office party prep, including set up and clean up
    • Corporate errand running
    • Mass mailing and emails

    Outside the Office

    • Household management
    • Dry cleaning and/or laundry
    • Car washes, oil changes, or miscellaneous maintenance
    • Grocery shopping, meal delivery, and meal prep
    • Gift buying and wrapping (hello holidays!) 
    • Thank you notes, holiday cards, and other mass mail outs
    • Parties and miscellaneous event planning
    • Last-minute child-care related needs
    • Animal care: vet appointments, grooming, and walks
    • Bill pay and administrative tasks
    • Internet research

    During Life-Changing Events

    • Wedding support
    • Maternity leave support
    • Paternity leave support
    • Bereavement support 
    • Relocation support

    Schedule a Consultation

    Let’s chat more about your employees’ needs and how our Corporate Concierge services can help increase their productivity. Then, we’ll get to work on a detailed, personalized action plan. 


    “I have an incredible and very dedicated team. One of my most important jobs in this company is to support them day to day.  A good salary and health benefits are certainly important, but they don’t have dinner on the table or the laundry neatly folded after a hard day at work so you can spend more time with your loved ones. That is a benefit that matters at our company.  That is why LifeSquire is part of our team.”

    Kym Koch Thompson

    Principal, Koch Communications

    “I will say every year as we are examining our budget, the LifeSquire expense does come up for review.  But we rarely hesitate to reinstate it as everyone on the team considers it not just a benefit but a true service that allows them to have a better work-life balance.”

    Kym Koch Thompson

    Principal, Koch Communications

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