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We take our client’s satisfaction seriously. 

“This has been a year of changes for us, some good, some bad, including health challenges and surgeries, grandchildren graduations, family weddings, divorces, deaths, parties, travel — you know, the stuff of ‘life.’ Through it all, we knew we could depend on the professionals at LifeSquire to carry us along, support us, and allow us to be the kind of people we aspire to be. We cannot thank you enough for your quiet, faithful, reliable, and top-quality services.”
Eric and Linda K.

“I just slowed down for a day, totally exhausted, and I wanted to thank you. You really are improving my marginal quality of life during this busy time!”
Ellen W.

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personal assistant service meeting with service provider in home
Introducing the LifeSquire App for clients and assistants
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Grow Your Business Successfully with LifeSquire

Lift the weight of daily obligations off your shoulders with our enthusiastic, reliable, and highly-trained assistants. Whether you need help at the office or around your home (or both), our assistants offer unparalleled support. A great assistant can help you save time, improve your work/life balance, and grow your business. 

Our professional assistant services include:

      • LifeSquire Direct
        • Experience the benefits of having a team of highly-trained personal assistants to relieve the burden of daily obligations and household tasks.
      • LifeSquire Connect
        • Take your business to the next level with a rockstar executive assistant your entire office can rely on.
      • LifeSquire Virtual Assistance
        • Get affordable and flexible virtual assistance to help with business and personal tasks from a distance.
      • LifeSquire Academy
        • Our professional online training program teaches those in support roles how to meet and exceed expectations.

    Reclaim Your Time

    See What Our Clients Are Saying

    We value our clients’ feedback and do everything we can to ensure you have the best experience working with us. Here’s what some of our current clients say about us:
    “Thank you for all of your help. I was reflecting this weekend, and I can see the pieces of the puzzle coming together, slowly but surely. I just needed you here to make me accountable, but I’m feeling really good about it. This is why we need you here!”
    Erin S.

    “Thank you again for being so flexible yesterday and picking up my daughter from school. I was at a meeting two hours away, which ended up being about 3.5 hours with the road closure, and I had no other options. It seems a little dramatic to say, but I literally couldn’t do this without LifeSquire.”
    Shaundra N.

    “This is some kind of crazy magic right here like unicorns and pots of gold at the end of the rainbows. I’m actually looking forward to going home to my house! Thank you is not enough!”
    KC B.

    High Standards of Service for Hard-Working Clients

    Our priority at LifeSquire is ensuring our clients are 100% satisfied. Our assistants are there to make your life easier and give you the much-needed support and relief you deserve. We know how hard you already work, so we’re certainly not here to add any more stress to your life. 

    At LifeSquire, we ensure that…

    • All private information remains private. We don’t take your trust for granted.
    • Your assistant receives the best possible training, saving you valuable time.
    • Everyone is kept informed of and focused on your goals. 
    • You receive uninterrupted service at all times.
    • You have a team that anticipates your needs.
    • We offer value-based pricing.

      Koch Communications Testimonial

      “Koch Communications specializes in integrating digital media, content and search marketing, and earned media to build a client’s brand and help them sell their services and products. We started in 2005 with just me and over the years have expanded our services and client base so that now we are a company of 40+ employees. Our executive team was here for what turned out to be exponential growth in the past three years. They hung in there with me as the company grew 52% in one year!

      That was the year we added LifeSquire to our executive benefits. Our execs were all but sleeping at the office because we had so much work coming in the door and so many people to hire to provide our services. I started with LifeSquire and found it very helpful with errands that were eating up my Saturdays as well as honey-dos where I didn’t have to manage all the details. I thought my team might benefit from it as well since they are three working moms. LifeSquire has helped them with household chores, child transportation, house sitting, dog sitting, filing, closet and office organization projects, and minor home repairs. One example of how LifeSquire has saved us money is when our EVP, Jenny’s 8-year-old daughter called to say she had left an important school project at home. The day was saved when LifeSquire retrieved and delivered the project — saving roughly two hours of time and the cancellation of two meetings for Jenny. 

      I will say every year, as we are examining our budget, the LifeSquire expense does come up for review. But we rarely hesitate to reinstate it as everyone on the team considers it not just a benefit but a true service that allows them to have a better work-life balance.

      I have an incredible and very dedicated team. One of my most important jobs in this company is to support them day to day. A good salary and health benefits are certainly important, but they don’t have dinner on the table or the laundry neatly folded after a hard day at work so you can spend more time with your loved ones. That is a benefit that matters at our company. That is why LifeSquire is part of our team.”

      Kym Koch Thompson, Principal

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