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You Can’t Do It All

Do you ever find yourself feeling burnt out from your daily responsibilities? Whether you’re an overworked small business owner or a stressed out parent, daily obligations can quickly pile up and leave you feeling overwhelmed and exhausted.

Do you find yourself…

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Struggling with too many errands and too little time

Falling behind on basic household chores

Falling behind on basic household chores

Overwhelmed by emails and documents?

Overwhelmed by personal emails and documents

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Feeling like you always need to be in two places at once

Having trouble balancing daily obligations?

Having trouble balancing daily obligations

personal assistant service cleaning up house
personal assistant service running errands
personal assistant service meeting with service provider in home
personal assistant service washing dishes

You Can Count on LifeSquire for Help

What if you could have an extra pair of hands to make your life easier? Someone to help you with those time-consuming daily tasks and last-minute errands and emergencies. Having this extra help could give you more time to spend with family and do more of the things you love.

LifeSquire Direct can provide you with a highly-trained personal assistant to relieve the burden of daily obligations and household duties. Our assistants can handle the tasks you don’t have time for or don’t want to do.

Our Priority is YOU

Our top priorities are stopping you from feeling burnt out and helping you take control of your time.

  • We focus on providing uninterrupted service at all times
  • You will have a team that anticipates your needs
  • We offer value-based pricing

    Choosing LifeSquire Means Always Having an Extra Set of Hands You Can Trust

    Hiring a personal assistant is an investment in yourself. A trusted personal assistant can help get rid of unnecessary stress and free up extra time in your day. That’s something you can’t put a price on.

    Benefits of having a personal assistant include:

    • Having a trusted set of hands at your disposal
    • Frees up more time to devote to work, family, or hobbies
    • Gives you more flexibility
    • Having expert knowledge and skills
    • Helps you develop people management skills
    • Creates a better work/life balance


    “Thank you again for being so flexible yesterday and picking up Abby from school. I was at a meeting two hours away, which ended up being about 3.5 hours with the road closure, and had no other options. It seems a little dramatic to say, but I literally couldn’t do this without LifeSquire.”
    Shaundra N.

    “This has been a year of changes for us, some good and some bad. Through it all, we knew we could depend on the professionals at LifeSquire to carry us along, support us and allow us to be the kind of people we aspire to be. We cannot thank you enough for your quiet, faithful, reliable and top-quality services.”
    Eric and Linda K.

    Personal Assistant Placement Process

    We specialize in hiring, training, and placing exceptional personal assistants using our tried-and-tested process.

    schedule your consultation

    Schedule Your Consultation

    • Meet our staff
    • Tell us the areas where you need assistance
    receive your action plan

    Receive your action plan

    select your package

    Select Your Package

    • Choose the package that best suits your needs and budget 
    • We assign the ideal assistant for you
    reclaim your time

    Reclaim Your Time

    • Meet your new personal assistant and start living your life again

    Schedule a Consultation

    We have a team of fantastic assistants ready to work with you. Let’s chat more about how we can help you take back your time.

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