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LifeSquire is the nation’s leading assistant resource firm, delivering first-class support to hard-working clientele.

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Lift the weight of daily obligations off your shoulders. Whether you need help at your home, business or online, LifeSquire’s assistants are highly-trained, reliable professionals you can trust. Experience the unparalleled level of support our assistants provide on a schedule that suits your needs. We guarantee you will never experience a gap in services. Get back the valuable moments that matter most and let LifeSquire handle the rest.

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LifeSquire Direct

Experience the benefits of having a personal assistant to handle your day-to-day or household tasks.

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LifeSquire Connect

Take your business to the next level with an executive assistant you can count on.
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LifeSquire Virtual Assistant

Get a virtual assistant to help you with any task, any day at any time.

Our Brand Promises

Experience exceptional assistance through all of our services.

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Never Lose Another Moment

Find out what it feels like to be free from time-consuming tasks.

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