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You Can’t Do It All

Do you ever feel like there just aren’t enough hours in the day? Your business is growing, and responsibilities are stacking up. It’s becoming increasingly challenging to keep track of your workload. 

Do you find yourself…

running out of time icon

Running out of time for daily tasks

missing important emails icon

Misplacing important emails and documents

running late to meetings icon

Missing deadlines or running late to meetings

Failing to achieve company goals?

Unable to achieve company goals

Struggling to maintain a good work/life balance

Struggling to maintain a good work/life balance

LifeSquire Connect
LifeSquire Connect
LifeSquire Connect
LifeSquire Connect

LifeSquire is Your Resource For Premier Executive Support

What if you could eliminate the low-level tasks that consume so much of your day and focus on making strategic decisions and growing your business instead? A great executive assistant can free up your time and transform how your office operates. 

LifeSquire Connect simplifies the executive assistant hiring process for your business. Our team of experienced professionals can help find you high-quality, pre-vetted candidates to meet your individual needs.

How We Find the Right Executive Assistant for You

Our comprehensive hiring and placement process matches assistants and executives based on skills, experience, and personality to provide the best long-term fit.

  • We require a cover letter, resume, and references from potential candidates.
  • We ask pre-qualifying questions.
  • With the Lifesquire Personality Testing Profile and CliftonStrengths Assessment, all candidates undergo personality testing.
  • We interview candidates and create a detailed interview report.
  • We conduct thorough background checks.
  • Candidates are eligible for LifeSquire Academy Training.

An Executive Assistant Can Change the Way You Work

A great executive assistant is indispensable. They can dramatically affect your productivity and your company’s success.

Benefits of having an executive assistant include:

  • More time in your day to focus on high-priority tasks and strategic thinking
  • Constant support, no matter what you need help with
  • Efficient calendar management, so you don’t miss any meetings or deadlines
  • Someone you can trust with confidential and sensitive information
  • Peace of mind for your next business trip knowing everything is planned
  • A better work/life balance


“They did an amazing job vetting quality candidates for me. Everybody I interviewed was amazing and I’m happy to say I found an assistant. If you are looking to speed up your search, I would highly recommend their services.”
Anthony R.

Chicago, IL

“I’m reaching out to see if I can engage you guys for another hire. My lead admin just gave me her notice, and I’ve only got two weeks until she is no longer with us. You guys did a stellar job finding Kenny for me, and we essentially need another Kenny.”
Alyssa D.

Oklahoma City, OK

The Executive Assistant Placement Process

We specialize in hiring, training, and placing exceptional executive assistants using our tried-and-tested process.

schedule your consultation

Schedule Your Consultation

Tell us about you, your business, and your ideal candidate.
Approve Your Custom Job Post

Approve Your Custom Job Post

LifeSquire will create a custom job post, review resumes, complete interviews, and conduct personality tests. We follow up weekly with the status of the selection process.
Receive Your List of Qualified Candidates

Receive Your List of Qualified Candidates

We’ll compile the resumes, interviews, and our assessment, and send the report for your final approval. Then it’s time to set up the initial interview with you.
Approve Your Hire with LifeSquire

Approve Your Hire with LifeSquire

Once you’re 100% happy, we’ll send the job offer to your selected candidate. We’ll also perform a full background check and offer enrollment into our training program.
reclaim your time

Reclaim Your Time

Meet your new executive assistant and get back to business. 

Schedule a Consultation

Let’s chat more about how we can help you find the perfect executive assistant and experience a new level of productivity.

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