Connect Assistant Resource

At Connect Assistant Resource, we are support people in our hearts. We understand you. The leader who needs space in both their calendar and their brain. And we understand how to find great executive assistants. We’ve developed our curated approach over 14 years of discovering, training, and placing assistants for executives and leaders.

This new brand will build upon the successful framework of vetting, hiring, and coaching the next generation of anticipatory and authentic assistants to help business leaders focus on what they do best!

Whether you’ve already tried to hire an executive assistant or not, you likely know (or worry) that this is a long, hard process. Now is the time to embrace what you’re best at and delegate the rest.

 Don’t waste another minute of your time being overwhelmed — or worse — trying to find, hire, train, and coach your own assistant. Instead, find the right fit for the long-term with Connect.

Connect with your assistant. Connect with your potential.

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