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LifeSquire Connect

What is LifeSquire Connect?

LifeSquire Connect draws upon over eight years of experience to recruit the right employee to meet your individual needs. Our job placement program will recruit, interview, conduct a personality test, and more to ensure we find the right employee to meet your support staff needs. After assistant placement completion, we include our LifeSquire Academy training to the new employee at no cost!

What do you get from each candidate?

LifeSquire Connect requires the following from each potential candidate: a cover letter, resume, report from the candidates’ references, pre-qualifying questions and answers, LifeSquire Personality Testing Profile results, CliftonStrengths Assessment (formerly Clifton StrengthsFinders), an interview report, and background check. The selected candidate will also be eligible to take the LifeSquire Academy assistant training program.

What do we charge?

Upon placement, a fee of 30% of the position’s annual salary is due. We do have a required minimum fee of $8,000.00.

What if the candidate resigns or is terminated?

If a candidate leaves the company due to termination or resignation within 90 days of being hired and substantiating documentation is provided, a new candidate will be provided at no additional cost.

What is the flow of service?

The service flow starts with an initial phone call or in-office meeting to determine your ideal candidate. From that point, we will follow-up weekly via email on the status of the selection process. Once the potential candidates are selected for your position, we will send you their informational packets and set-up an initial interview with you.

What other roles can you help me hire for?

Our expertise lies in support roles, which we define as a position that spends the majority of its time supporting others within a company. We can help you find the right candidate to meet your needs, whether that is an Executive Assistant, Administrative Assistant, Chief of Staff, or Personal Assistant.

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LifeSquire Direct

What areas do you service?

Our personal assistant service is exclusively available in the Oklahoma City metro area. However, if you’re interested in hiring a full-time personal assistant but you’re not local to our service area, we can still assist you through our LifeSquire Connect placement service. We offer virtual assistant services as well.

Who will be helping me?

You will be assigned a team of LifeSquire assistants who are based in your geographic area (for in-person and hybrid service). The teams are formed around a diversity of skills, personalities, and backgrounds. We use a team approach to ensure that you always have consistency no matter what comes up!

How do I communicate with my team?

Each member of the team assigned to you has a defined role, with one assistant leading the communication. The primary way your team will communicate with you will be the LifeSquire app, but you’ll also have emails and phone numbers (if needed)!

Do I give my credit card to the assistant directly?

No. We have your card stored securely on file at the home office. Instead, all of our employees have a company credit card to purchase items for you. We will reimburse our company and send you a weekly expense report.

Are the members of my assistant team employees or contractors?

Everyone is employed by LifeSquire as W-2 employees, which means they are covered by our insurance and bond. Additionally, they all sign non-competes and confidentiality agreements in order to work with us.

How do I pay?

LifeSquire’s fee will be collected on the payment method(s) you put on file on the 1st or 15th of every month (your choice)!

All of our assistants carry company credit cards, so you never have to exchange money for errands and expenses. We will reimburse the payment method(s) on file for expenses once a week (during the week following). You can find more information about all expenses, including receipts, the day they are made in the LifeSquire app!

Can I split my payments and time between personal and business?

YES! Just let us know how you would like things to split and we will take care of the rest. 

What happens if my needs change after I get started?

We are happy to ebb and flow with your needs! Just reach out to our management team and we’ll adjust your package and schedule to meet your new goals!

Do you have a guarantee to protect me?

If we’ve not created more time for you within the first 90 days of service, we’ll return your first month’s package fee!

What happens next?

  1. You’ll get a custom quote based on your desired outcome, emotion, or goal!
  2. We’ll gather paperwork.
  3. Your team will be scheduled for introductions and get started ASAP!
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LifeSquire Virtual Assistant

Who is my virtual assistant?

Our virtual assistants are all Oklahoma-based, vetted, background checked, trained, and managed by our team. Most virtual assistants are college-educated and skilled at helping in both business and personal aspects of our clients’ lives.

Do I get the same assistant every time?

You will have a primary assistant; however, you will also benefit from the entire LifeSquire team.

Can I communicate directly with my assistant?

Yes. The LifeSquire App puts you in direct communication with your personal assistant. You can communicate about each task through the app. We will also provide their direct cell phone and email address.

Do I give my credit card to the assistant directly?

No. We have your card stored securely on file at the home office. Instead, all of our employees have a company credit card to purchase items for you. We will reimburse our company and send you a weekly expense report.

Are the assistants your employees or contract workers?

Everyone is employed by LifeSquire and covered under our insurance and bond. All LifeSquire Assistants all sign non-competes and confidentiality agreements to work with us.

Can I split my payments and time between personal and business?

YES! Let us know how you would like services split, and we will take care of the rest.

General Questions

How is LifeSquire different from other hiring services?

LifeSquire is the only assistant placement service that provides unparalleled and customized assistance for personal, business or virtual assistant needs.

What is the first step to signing up with LifeSquire?

You will schedule a complimentary consultation so we can determine your needs and how we can best meet them. Consultations typically last 30 minutes to an hour. You can do this by clicking on the ‘Get Started’ button in the top right corner! 

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept ACH or credit card payments. Credit card payments will have a 3% service charge.

Who do I contact if I run into a problem or issue?

Please contact our corporate office at (405) 889-4430 or toll-free at (844) 778-4731.

Which service is right for me?

Let our team of expert LifeSquires help you find the assistant service to fit your needs!

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