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How to best utilize your Executive Assistant

As a busy entrepreneur, executive, or business owner, you may not have the time to do everything yourself. Luckily, you can delegate some of your work to an executive assistant. But how do you make sure that your executive assistant is actually helping you achieve your goals? Here are some tips.

Schedule regular check-ins with your Executive Assistant to ensure that they are meeting your expectations

As a leader, it is important to foster strong relationships with your team, and that includes scheduling regular check-ins with your Executive Assistant. You will want to keep track of their performance, discuss any ongoing tasks, or plan out new initiatives to see if your expectations are being met. This additional layer of communication gives you the opportunity to make sure that everyone is on the same page, which ultimately leads to fewer misunderstandings and more successful collaborations. At its core, check-ins are a sure-fire way for creating better working environments, so don’t ignore them!

Delegate tasks that you don’t have time for to your Executive Assistant

If you’re feeling overwhelmed and are having difficulty accomplishing everything that needs to be done in one day, it’s time to delegate some of those tasks to your Executive Assistant. Delegating effectively allows you to free up more time in your schedule so you can focus on the bigger-picture tasks that need attention while still getting smaller tasks taken care of. When delegating tasks, be sure to determine the urgency and give clear direction so the assigned task is completed correctly and quickly. Having a dependable Executive Assistant helps ensure that there isn’t an overload of work on your plate, allowing everyone involved to stay on top of deadlines without feeling stressed or rushed.

Give clear and concise instructions when assigning tasks to your Executive Assistant

When delegating tasks to your Executive Assistant, it’s important to be clear and concise. Describe the task that needs to be done in as much detail as possible, including due dates, so there is no confusion about what is expected. If relevant, provide any supporting documents or information they may need to complete the task. Before you wrap up the conversation, check with them to make sure they understand what needs to be done and answer any questions they have. Taking a few moments to provide proper instructions can help ensure success in delegating tasks and save you time in the long run.

Provide feedback on a regular basis so that your Executive Assistant knows what they are doing well and what areas need improvement

Providing feedback to your Executive Assistant on a regular basis is so important – it allows them the opportunity to continuously grow in their roles and be the best that they can be. Plus, that kind of consistency will ensure they understand what areas are working well and which ones could use some help. A healthy work environment requires open dialogue between all members of the team, so talking with your EA about how they’re doing frequently is key. Not sure where to start? Ask specific questions or provide direct praise or critique as needed – if they know what they’re doing right and where there could be improvement, it’ll make your work relationship even stronger!

Be available when your Executive Assistant needs you – return phone calls and emails promptly

As a busy executive, you might not always be able to respond to your Executive Assistant’s messages as quickly as you would like. However, if you want your assistant to work efficiently and effectively on your behalf, it is essential that you do your part by responding to their requests for information or clarification promptly. Fortunately, with today’s mobile devices, this process can be much easier and faster than in the past. By making yourself available when necessary and returning calls and emails quickly, you can make sure that communication between yourself and your assistant is completely smooth and uninterrupted. Not only does this make everyones’ job easier but also more enjoyable!

Show appreciation for a job well done with verbal praise, thank-you notes, or small gifts

Expressing appreciation for somebody’s hard work can make a huge impact. Whether it’s verbal praise, a handwritten thank-you note, or a small gift, showing someone that you appreciate their efforts can be incredibly valuable. Not only does it show your respect for them, but it may also help motivate others around them to work harder in the future. In addition, good employees may feel more satisfied with their job if they know that their hard work is appreciated—promoting positive and productive working relationships. Practicing an attitude of appreciation is essential to any successful organization!


By following these tips, you will create a positive working relationship with your Executive Assistant that is built on trust and mutual respect. A healthy work environment requires open dialogue between all members of the team.


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