How to Be a Better Delegator

by | Apr 30, 2020 | Blog

Do you struggle with knowing what day it is, because all of your days start with work?

When you need a file, is it more like playing Jenga with a stack of folders on your desk?

Is your to-do list bigger than the graduating class of your local high school?

Delegation is the quickest way to regain control of your day, get the tasks that are piling up completed, and to make sure you aren’t giving up sleep for work. And even though those things will already have you jumping on the delegation bandwagon, it can also help your business grow. How? Because you are focusing on the projects and idea generation needed to grow your business instead of mundane tasks.

If you’re new to delegating or you’ve been shy about it, we want to help you get started. Outsourcing doesn’t have to be overwhelming or scary. Here are 8 tips to get you started delegating regularly:

Review Your Workload

When the projects start piling up, you have to start handing over tasks that do not need your expertise. But what tasks should you delegate?

Begin the delegation process by going through your workweek and making a plan to outsource these types of tasks:

Small Tasks

These are the tasks that aren’t important, difficult, or very big, but when you have several, they eat up your time.

Time-Consuming Tasks

Time-consuming tasks are typically large important projects, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have help working on them. Break the project up into smaller tasks and delegate things like research, data entry, and more to someone else. Once the smaller tasks are complete, you can finish and finalize the project.

Tedious Tasks

Delegate tasks like inbox control and data entry are tedious and require a large time commitment.

Easy to Learn Tasks

While the task may seem like something only you can do, consider teaching another employee how to complete the easier tasks so that you can focus on bigger goals.

Tasks You Struggle with

Everyone has strengths and weaknesses, instead of struggling with tasks in your weak areas, delegate them so that you can focus on your strengths.

Pick the Right Person

Even though this isn’t first on the list, it is probably the most important step. Picking the right person isn’t only critical for project management; it will also boost your confidence in delegating.

When deciding on who to delegate to, always pick the person you know has the skills needed to complete the task.

Communication Is Key

Almost as important as choosing the right person, is communication. Be clear with directions and expectations when it comes to delegating. If something is time-sensitive or requires a deadline, make sure your team knows. It is also important to be available for questions when they arise.

Share the Why

Introducing new work to an employee or team can feel a little overwhelming. Instead of just sending out an email assignment, meet with the person or group and talk about the project, share why it is important, and how they can help. Your employees will be more on board when they see how their contribution fits into the bigger picture.

Focus on the Finish Line

Keep in mind that there isn’t always one path to the finish line. Your employee may complete the task you delegated to them differently than you do, and that is okay. Don’t focus on their process, so long as they complete the task correctly.

Trust Your Team

It’s easy to go into micro-management mode when giving up control on something you’ve handled for a long time. Instead of hovering or constantly checking-in, ease your mind by asking your team to send you regular status updates. Take a deep breath and trust that they will get the task or project handled.

Review, but Don’t Redo

People are human, mistakes happen, and you may not get something exactly as you envisioned. Now is the time to provide feedback, not chalk this up to wasted time and redo it yourself. Provide your employees with useful feedback and ask them to make any revisions.

Praise Generously

Praise your employees for a job well done. Being recognized and appreciated for hard work creates loyalty and boosts motivation. Team members that feel appreciated are going to be happier and work harder for you.

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