What is the Role of an Executive Assistant?

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The role of an executive assistant varies depending on the industry they work in and the company and executive they work for. That’s why it’s difficult for us to tell you exactly what day-to-day tasks an executive assistant performs. That part is up to you as their employer.

An executive assistant makes the lives of a company’s executives significantly easier. They can help with various tasks, from calendar management and record-keeping to being a source of moral support. A great executive assistant is flexible, resourceful, and ready to assist with anything.

This post breaks down many of the duties executive assistants perform. It will help you better understand what an executive assistant could do for you.

What is an Executive Assistant?

An Executive Assistant is a high-level administrative professional. EAs provide dedicated support to a company’s executives. You can think of them as your right-hand person.

A great executive assistant is indispensable. They can have a dramatic effect on your company’s success.

The Role of an Executive Assistant

So, exactly what does an executive assistant do? If you’re thinking of hiring one, you should know what to expect. It’s also good to understand what tasks are acceptable to ask your EA to perform.

Responsibility and Organization

An executive assistant usually does a lot of administrative and clerical work. This work is so you don’t spend your time on low-level tasks. Instead, having an EA allows you to focus on making high-level business decisions.

An EA is responsible for:

  • Organizing the office
  • Ensuring the office runs smoothly and efficiently
  • Maximizing your productivity
  • Maximizing an office’s productivity
personal assistant client confidentiality


An EA is a middle person between you and your employees, clients, and vendors. An EA acts as the gatekeeper of your time. As a result, most inbound and outbound communication goes through them first.

EAs perform tasks including:

  • Filtering and routing calls and emails
  • Responding to calls and emails on your behalf
  • Taking messages
  • Double-checking important emails and reports before they go out
  • Drafting and sending out company-wide memos

Record Keeping

An executive assistant may be responsible for designing and maintaining your company’s filing system. This task means they keep vital company records safe. These records may include correspondence, legal documents, invoices, and financial reports.


The role of an executive assistant can include accounting and basic bookkeeping. It’s up to you as to whether you want them to perform this task. You may already have someone else in the office who is responsible for it.

Planning Events and Travel

EAs help organize company events. These events include client lunches, conferences, training sessions, and even the office Christmas party.

EAs also make travel arrangements and plan your travel itineraries. This planning includes the logistical aspects of the trip and organizing fun personal activities.

Time Management

Executive assistants are scheduling wizards and experts at time management. They can efficiently manage their own time and yours. An excellent EA knows how valuable your time is and makes sure to help you maximize it.

Calendar Management

A critical aspect of an executive assistant’s job is managing your calendar. 

An EA is there to make sure you’re in the right place at the right time. They schedule meetings and work-related travel, as well as personal events and errands. 

An EA also makes sure you never miss a meeting, event, or deadline. They stay on top of your schedule and to-do list. They also send reminders in advance. As a result, nothing gets missed under the watchful eye of a great EA.

Organizing Meetings

An EA can save you time by helping organize and manage meetings.

An executive assistant’s role in meetings includes:

  • Sending out meeting invites
  • Booking meeting rooms
  • Performing research
  • Creating meeting agendas
  • Recording minutes during meetings
  • Sending follow up emails to attendees

External Management

You can rely on an EA to help maintain positive professional relationships with company stakeholders. EAs often communicate directly with clients on your behalf.

EAs usually have a more direct relationship with clients than other administrative staff. As a result, they can perform duties like taking clients for lunch and attending events for you.

Answering Calls

EAs may take calls and help answer any questions or deal with problems before they reach your desk. You can empower your executive assistant to make fundamental decisions, so you don’t have to.

Welcoming Guests

Much like other administrative assistants, EAs greet guests and check clients in when they arrive at your office. They help make visitors feel like guests. Having a cheerful welcome will mean visitors are ready for business when you greet them.

Maintaining a Positive Attitude

Finally, an executive assistant maintains a positive attitude. They do this while simply being there to support you.

You can look to your assistant for support with work and personal matters. The more the relationship grows, the more you may confide in and rely on your EA.

An EA is there to remain calm and positive in high-pressure situations. They provide sound advice and moral support. In addition, an EA is a sounding board for new ideas and a counselor when the job gets stressful.

Finding the Right Executive Assistant

Now that you understand the role of an executive assistant, it’s time for you to find the right EA for your business. LifeSquire Connect can help. We take the stress out of hiring an executive assistant by helping find, interview, and train the ideal assistant to meet your company’s needs.

Contact us today for more information about our executive assistant recruiting services.

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