An Executive Assistants’ Guide to Holiday Gifting

by | Dec 8, 2023 | Blog, Executive Assistant

The holiday season is upon us, and for executive assistants, it’s a time to sprinkle some gifting magic and assist their busy executives in selecting thoughtful gifts! As an assistant, you’re not just coordinating gifts; you’re curating moments of joy and appreciation. Here’s your comprehensive guide to ensuring holiday gifting sparkles for everyone involved.

Start the conversation

Get the ball rolling by scheduling a dedicated meeting with your executive to talk holiday gifting strategy. Express your eagerness to take this task off their plate, aiming to streamline the process and free up their valuable time.

Know Your Recipients

Gather the list of recipients and categorize into groups such as the leadership team, clients, employees, and family members. Understanding the range of recipients will help tailor appropriate gifts for each group.

Setting Budgets

Discuss and establish budgets for each group or individual. This will be an important guideline while selecting gifts, ensuring that the gifts align with the company’s policies and the executive’s personal preferences.

Determine Preferences and Styles

Gather insights into the preferences and styles of the recipients. For the leadership team, inquire about their hobbies, interests, or any preferences they’ve expressed in the past. For employees and clients consider whether the gifts should be uniform or tailored to individual tastes. Also, inquire about the executive’s preferences in presenting these options, whether they prefer a range of choices or a curated selection.

Research and Curate

Once you have the necessary information, thoroughly research to curate an assorted selection of potential gifts. Consider options that reflect the recipients’ interests and align with the budget.

Present Options

Prepare a presentation or document that concisely outlines the gift options, including descriptions, images, and pricing. Consider organizing choices by recipient groups and within specified budgets. Include a few alternatives for each recipient to allow the executive room for personal preferences.

Approval Time

Present the curated options to your executive, allowing them time to review and provide feedback. Be open to adjustments or additional suggestions they might have.

Execute and Deliver

Once gift selections are approved, proceed with purchasing then coordinate deliveries or distributions, ensuring a seamless and timely process.

Record Gifting Details

Maintaining detailed records is important for seamless gifting seasons to come. Create a comprehensive spreadsheet or database detailing each recipient, their preferred gifts, delivery addresses, and any special instructions. Track delivery confirmations, noting successful deliveries and any hiccups encountered along the way. Did a package arrive late due to weather conditions? Was there a change of address? Document these nuances to anticipate and prevent issues in the future. Additionally, keep a section for feedback received—knowing what gifts were exceptionally well-received or if there were any unexpected hits or misses will be helpful for next year’s gifting strategy. These meticulous records will make future gifting endeavors streamlined and stress-free celebrations.

Receive and Thank

Keep track of the gifts your executive receives, noting down details for future reference or as a courtesy. If your executive prefers, take charge of preparing thank-you notes or emails on their behalf. Craft thoughtful messages expressing gratitude for the gifts received, extending warm holiday wishes from the executive.

Maintaining thorough records and managing post-gifting correspondence can enhance the overall gifting experience and leave a lasting positive impression on both the recipients and the executive.

To Wrap Up (see what we did there?)

Managing holiday gifting for a diverse range of recipients isn’t just about checking off a list, it requires strategy, attention to detail, and a thoughtful approach. By collaborating with the executive and gathering key information, executive assistants can curate a memorable and meaningful gifting experience for everyone involved!


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