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The True Cost of a Bad Executive Assistant Hire:

Why Investing in Finding the Right Fit Matters


Finding the perfect executive assistant is a challenging task for any organization. It’s not just about skills and experience; it’s about identifying someone with the right strengths, personality characteristics, and soft skills that align with the demands of the role and the executive they will support. Many executives balk at the idea of using an executive assistant resource firm like ours due to the perceived cost. However, in this blog post, we will explore the cost of a bad executive assistant hire and why investing in finding the right fit for the role and the executive can be a wise financial decision in the long run.


The Hidden Costs of a Bad Hire:

Hiring and Recruiting Costs: One of the most significant financial burdens associated with a bad executive assistant hire is the hiring and recruiting costs. When you decide to bring in a new team member, you invest not only in their salary but also in the process leading up to their employment.

  • Recruitment Expenses: The process begins with advertising the job, which can be costly on its own. From posting on job boards to conducting background checks, these expenses can add up quickly.
  • Time and Effort: Your internal team’s valuable time and effort spent on reviewing resumes, conducting interviews, and managing the entire recruitment process are costs that often go unnoticed.
  • External Recruitment Agencies: Many companies turn to external recruitment agencies, which often charge fees that can be substantial, particularly for executive-level roles.
  • Onboarding and Training: When you make a hiring mistake, you may have to go through the entire process again, incurring additional onboarding and training costs. These expenses include orientation, training materials, and, of course, the time spent by existing team members to mentor and support the new hire.
  • Lost Opportunities: While you’re focused on finding a replacement for a bad hire, you might miss out on other strategic opportunities that could have advanced your organization.

Salary and Benefits: The most obvious cost of a bad hire is the salary and benefits paid to the executive assistant. If they are not a good fit or fail to perform adequately, this investment goes to waste.

Productivity Loss: When an executive assistant doesn’t meet expectations, it can lead to productivity loss for both the executive and the team. This downtime can translate to missed opportunities and reduced revenue.

Reputation Damage: A poorly performing executive assistant can negatively impact the company’s reputation, especially if they are the face of the executive’s office. This can lead to missed opportunities and lost clients.


Data-Backed Insights:

Let’s look at some statistics that highlight the true cost of a bad executive assistant hire:

  • The United States Department of Labor puts the cost of a bad hire at up to 30% of the employee’s wages for the first year. That means a single bad hire with an annual income of $50,000 can equal a potential $15,000 loss for the employer.
  • Some have even reported a higher loss – according to a survey by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), the cost of a bad hire can be as high as five times the person’s annual salary.
  • A CareerBuilder found that almost three-quarters of companies who made a bad hire reported an average of $14,900 in wasted money. With 74% of employers stating they hired the wrong person for the job.

The Value of Investing in Our Proven Process

In today’s world both time and money are valuable assets. We understand the importance of making the right executive assistant hire from the very beginning. This strategic choice can shield you from the hidden costs associated with the wrong hire. Our Connect proven screening process showcases our expertise, ensuring you secure the ideal fit from the start, significantly reducing the risk of a costly bad hire. By investing in our services, you’re making a savvy financial decision.

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